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Aixa de la Cruz (Bilbao, 1988) is the author of two novels - Cuando fuimos los mejores (Almuzara, 2007) and De Musica Ligera (451 Editores, 2009) - that were both shortlisted for the Euskadi Prize for Literature. She was also part of several anthologies, such as Ultima Temporada (Lengua de Trapo, 2013) and Bajo Treinta (Salto de pagina, 2013). Her theatrical piece I Don't Like Mondays was shortlisted for the Madrid Sur and Margarita Xirgu prizes. She received scolarships from the Antonio Gala Foundation and the Caixa Galicia "Primera Obra" Foundation. She's a researcher at the University of the Basque Country, where she's currently writing her PhD thesis on the representation of torture in TV fiction after 9/11.

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Alessandro Mazzarelli was born in Rome, where he currently lives and works. He has a law degree and works in the communication field.

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Andrew Pryor lives with his family in Essex Fells, NJ, a neighborhood with no businesses, apartments, or traffic lights, but a lot of old houses and older trees. In January, he received his MFA in Fiction from Rutgers University in Newark. Firewater is his first professionally published work.

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Antonio Ortuño was born in Guadalajara, Mexico, in 1976. The newspaper Reforma describes his first novel El buscador de cabezas (2006) as the best debut of the year in Mexican literature. In 2010, the British review Granta lists him among the best young authors writing in Spanish and, in the same year, the Mexican GQ elects him writer of the year. He is the author of El buscador de cabezas (2006), published in Italy by Neri Pozza in 2008 with the title Risorse Umane (Human Resources), and La fila india (2013), which will be soon available in Italian. In addition to those titles, he has also written two collections of short stories, El jardín japonés (2007) and La Señora Rojo (2010).

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Daniel Gascón (Daniel Rodríguez Gascón) (Zaragoza, 1981) is a writer, screenwriter and translator. He's first short story collection is La edad del pavo (Xórdica, 2001). He published El fumador pasivo (Xórdica, 2005) and La vida cotidiana (Alfabia, 2011). His latest book is Entresuelo (Random House Mondadori, 2013). His short stories have been translated in English. He co-wrote the film Todas las canciones hablan de mí (2010). He's part of the editorial staff at Letras Libres.

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Playwright, theatre critic, and writer. He studied literature at the University of the Cloister of Sor Juana, in Mexico City, and at Mario Bellatin's Dynamic School for Writers. More than a dozen of his works have been brought to stage in various countries. He has received many national and international prizes and he's currently somewhere between Mexico and the
North of the Iberic peninsula, where he runs "Neurodrama: atentados escénicos". He writes on his blog Purodrama and is scared of pigeons. He's a Barcelona fan.

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Gabriele Drago was born a little South of Tunis, in Modica, Sicily, in 1986, but he’s not African. He has started studying philosophy when he stopped doing it at the university of Bologna – that is after getting a degree – but he’s not a philosopher. He screams, plays the guitar and the cajón alone and in a group, but he’s not a musician. He writes but he’s not a writer nor a scribe. He spends his days between doing and not-being. He says he’s done enough to finally understand than he’s actually where he’s not.

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Ilaria Vajngerl (Thiene, 1985) scrive racconti, spesso e volentieri. Ha pubblicato con inutile​, Colla, Grafemi, Soft Revolution​, i Sognatori.
Ha scritto lo spettacolo teatrale ​Il ciclo​. Nel 2016 è tra gli autori selezionati al concorso 8x8. Il suo racconto, Grammatica è segnalato dal Premio Treccani Web. È la vincitrice della 44° edizione del Premio Teramo "Giacomo De Benedetti".
Il suo blog è Il Pesce Volante.

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La redazione.

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Born and raised in England. After spending some years in Italy, he has moved to New York. He's a graphic designer, photographer, and occasional writer. He collects football shirts and records and loves Campari Soda. This is his website.

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Jenn Díaz (Barcelona, 1988) is a Spanish writer. Her first novel – Belfonfo (Principal de los Libros) - was published when she was 22 years old. She’s regarded as one of the most brilliant authors of her generation. She collaborates with several magazines (such as Jot Down) and a blog (Mujeres de El País). She’s the founder and coordinator of the feminist fanzine Matrices. She weekly publishes short stories (written in Catalan language) on and has a monthly column on El Periódico. Her novels include: El Duelo y la Fiesta (Principal de los Libros), Mujer sin Hijo (Jot Down Books), and Es un Decir (Lumen). Her short stories appeared in Antología Ultima Temporada. Nuevos Narradores españoles 1980-1989 (Lengua de Trapo) and Antología Bajo treinta (Salto de Página).

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Jonathan Papernick was born in Toronto, but is currently living in Massachussets. His last work is There is no other. His next book will be published in November.

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Joseph Aguilar è autore di Half Out Where (Caketrain, 2014). Vive in Ohio, USA.

avatar for Karen E. BenderKaren E. Bender

She is the author of the novels Like Normal People and A Town of Empty Rooms. Her fiction has appeared in The New Yorker, Granta, Ploughshares, Narrative, The Harvard Review, and other magazines. Her work has also been selected for Best American Short Stories, Best American Mystery Stories, and the Pushcart Prize. Visit her at

avatar for Lucia Brandoli BousquetLucia Brandoli Bousquet

Nata a Modena nel 1989, si occupa di editoria, comunicazione e arti visive. Ha studiato architettura a Ferrara, Porto e Berlino. Ha scritto per Prismo, Artribune, Flash Art Italia e Filmidee ed è autrice del reportage Exit(Hacca, 2015). I suoi racconti sono stati pubblicati su Abbiamo le prove, Cadillac e Flash Fiction. Vive soprattutto a Milano. Nel 2017 è uscito il suo A letto non si pensa al futuro, per Edizioni Pendragon.

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Nasce a Napoli nel 1984, già munita di occhiali. Si distingue nella lotta contro i portatori di lenti a contatto. Un giorno ha urlato al cielo “Se non posso fare la scrittrice allora non mi importa più di niente, farò un lavoro qualunque!” e infatti adesso fa un lavoro qualunque. Scrive cose belle come questa bio su Cose che non esistono.

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Matilde Quarti was born in 1987, in Milan, where she currently lives and works. She won Subway 2010 with the short story La cavalleria. She has published some things such as the short story Calce in ATM's anthology for the 80s (Subway, 2011) and Filigrana on Atti Impuri 4. She's a partner at Follelfo and collaborates to La Balena Bianca. Some other short stories can be found in the wide web. She likes South American authors and B movies, but she doesn't like olives.

avatar for Miguel Ángel Vallejo SameshimaMiguel Ángel Vallejo Sameshima

Miguel Ángel Vallejo Sameshima. He graduated in Literature from the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Lima. He is the head editor of the literary journal Altazor. He is the author of the collection of children's short stories about the lady elephant Flor, the book of memoirs Vallejo Urreta. Historias de una familia peruana (2015), and the collections of short stories Monstruos de ayer, hoy y uno de mañana (2014) and Móviles en difuminado (2003), among others. He is co-manager of the symposium Lo cholo en el Perú, organised by the Biblioteca Nacional del Perú and editor of the books for the event.

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Born in 1981 and native of Reggio Emilia, Milo Busanelli is a short director, a scriptwriter, and is currently working on his story collection.

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Sandra Allen is an American writer. Treehouse Song first appeared in online magazine Wag’s Revue. Her literary non-fiction debut, A Kind of Mirraculas Paradise, is being published in 2017. Meanwhile, Sandra curates Sunday Content, a non-mailed newsletter, and podcast Strange Vacation. She’s @sealln on Twitter.

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V. Desol was born in Barcellona. She graduated in Fine Arts; now she gives lesson in arts and painting. She writes short stories and currently she is working on a novel. She dreams of flying while she's sleeping, but she can't stand to travel by plane.

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Valerio Piperata è nato a Roma il 26 Novembre 1989. È studente di Lingua e Letteratura russa e inglese alla Sapienza di Roma. Attualmente lavora come stagista a rimborso spese in un’Amministrazione Pubblica e scrive cose. Nel 2014 Edizioni E/O ha pubblicato il suo romanzo Le rockstar non sono morte

avatar for William VanDenBergWilliam VanDenBerg

William VanDenBerg è l’autore di Lake of Earth (Caketrain Press, 2013) e Apostle Islands (Solar Luxuriance, 2013). I suoi racconti sono apparsi in The Collagist, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, The Fanzine, e altrove.