Ann’s daughter

by Jenn Diaz


Diane is a grown-up woman, but she acts like a teenager. Let’s just say that Diane is one of those people who are generally perceived as useless, idiots, dumb, insignificant, irrelevant. No, let me rephrase that: Diane is not irrelevant, she’s my daughter’s mother.
– An ill daughter –
When mom or my aunt or the doctor or Marie Jo or Marie Jo’s parents talk to me about Diane they always say “your sister”. Mom, who’s not actually our mother, has adopted us as brother and sister. If we were brother and sister, then we couldn’t have our
– ill daughter –
Our poor ill daughter our useless daughter our idiot daughter our dumb daughter our damn daughter. For God’s sake, why didn’t she die the day she was born? She has just complicated everyone’s life: mom’s, Diane’s, and mine too. Read More

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