INUTILE » associazione culturale is responsible for the publication of inutile, founded in 2007. We publish a 24-page quarterly and our website is updated once a week. inutile is steadily approaching its 60th issue and has already reached its 7th year of activity. We’re proud to have published for the first time young writers who have then started a productive career, but we’re also glad to have shed a new light on known authors.

inutile offers you: short stories, articles about things we like (mainly music, cinema, graphic novels, tv series and the web), interviews, and some reviews. No poetry, sorry: we’re not that interested in it. We’re open to collaborations even though we can’t afford to pay for them.

An annual subscription to inutile costs 12€. You’ll get complete access to the website, all the issues we’ve published since 2007, special treats reserved for our subscribers, the possibility to purchase our products. You’ll also become a member of INUTILE » associazione culturale.

Our story

inutile was founded at the end of March 2007 as a supplement to PressItalia.net news agency. In 2008 we created INUTILE » associazione culturale which organises podcasts, cultural meetings, book presentations, and small events.
We’ve been collaborating with Esor-dire – a Scuola Holden project – since 2010 and with Roland – organised by Marco Peano and Giorgio Vasta – since 2011.

In April 2012 we started La trasmissione: a network of cultural podcasts. More than a thousand people listen to our programmes (Chaki chaki, Ricciotto, and Tizzoni d’inferno) every month thanks to the friendly chatter of our experts. In July 2012 we celebrated our 50th issue interviewing people who explained us everything involved in the making of a magazine: Jennifer Egan, Matteo Bordone, Luca Rastello, Valentina Aversano, Alice Beniero, and Riccardo Falcinelli.